Our team

Patrice Caron

Executive Vice-President

200 – 1333, rue St-Jacques
Montreal, Quebec, H3C 4K2

T: (514)-989-0453

F: (514) 931-0388

E: pcaron@seafarers.ca

“As a young boy, I watched boats going by on the St Laurence River and said to myself that one day, I will be onboard. This indeed became a reality, as I started my sea life in the Canadian Navy as a marine electrician. I finally made the move to the big league and joined the SIU in 1989 as a deck hand. This was my very first Union job and I was extremely proud of it! This is where my real life started. Conditions were for the first time in my life, good enough to have a real life. From deck hand to Executive vice-president, it has been a long and difficult, yet rewarding journey. It’s now time to put forward my knowledge and experience in order to benefit all SIU members!”

  • Born and raised in Québec City
  • Started his career in the Royal Canadian Navy, and joined the SIU in 1989
  • President of the Seafarers Entertainment and Allied Trade Union (SEATU)
  • Member the ITF, and is part of the International Bargaining Forum, and the Fair Practices Committee
  • Secretary Treasurer at the Quebec Port Council
  • Co-President de la Table Sectoriel Maritime Québecoise
  • Part of a working group at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on the Carriage of Containers and Cargo (IMO-CCC).
  • Graduated Queens’ University and various other Union driven courses
  • Assistant Delegate to ITF Seafarers Section
  • Married with one son and one grandchild
  • Hobbies: Kayaking, cycling, photography, and summer/winter camping