By providing the Seafarers’ International Union of Canada with your personal information, you consent to the Union storing this information, in both a physical and virtual state, until such a time that your relationship to the Union and its subsidiary or related bodies (pension, medical plans) is deemed by the Union to be entirely severed. The personal information collected may include information related to travel, citizenship and residency, health, education, training, certification, identification, insurance, work and personal history, disciplinary notes, criminal records, union membership, social insurance numbers, passports, etc.

The SIU Canada will use this information to produce a file, whether physical or electronic in format, that will be used in identifying you and for determining your eligibility for the Union’s social benefit programs, such as pension, medical and training programs. You agree to the Union sharing this information with any Company by which the Union has signed a collective agreement for the purpose of assessing your qualifications and determining your suitability for jobs in accordance with the Union’s rules and procedures set out on such matters.

The Union agrees that it will not share any personal information with a third party unless consent is obtained from the individual concerned.

The Secretary-Treasurer is the Privacy Officer for the SIU Canada. To contact the Privacy Officer please e-mail cgiven@seafarers.ca or send your mail to the attention of the Privacy Officer at the following Address: 280-9300 Henri Bourassa O, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H4S 1L5