Info about the Seafarers’ Pension Plan

Below you will find helpful information and step by step instructions on how to access Manulife’s website to take hold of your future, and manage your pension directly. You may access your account online, send an email or call the Customer Service Centre.
Please direct all inquiries about your plan to Manulife:

1-888-727-7766, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Email Manulife at

Group Retirement

Secure website registration

As part of our commitment to help you manage and monitor your savings conveniently, Manulife has introduced easier secure website access. In just six simple steps, you can set up your new online access using an email and password of your choice.

You’ll need your Manulife Customer Number and Social Insurance Number to get started. You will find your Customer Number on the first page of your account statement or you may contact the Manulife Customer Service Centre to retrieve it.

Step 1

Visit and Sign in under Group Retirement.

Step 2

Set up your Manulife ID. To set up your Manulife ID you will need to enter your name, date of birth and email address. When your Manulife ID has been created, you will receive an activation email.

Step 3

Click the link in the activation email.

Step 4

Sign in using your Manulife ID.

On the Connect page, enter your Customer number and click Get registered.

Step 5

Enter the last 3 digits of your SIN, accept the conditions, and click Register.

Step 6

From the member site dashboard, you can now select the tile for the Manulife product you want to go into.

Download the Manulife Mobile app

You’re probably looking at your phone anyway, so why not let Manulife Mobile make your time count, and help you keep an eye on your financial future? Manulife Mobile is FREE, convenient and easy to use.

Fast and easy log in with just your plan member secure site email and password (or Touch ID on the latest devices). Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play, download Manulife Mobile  today and stay connected to your future.

Manulife’s Steps Retirement Program® (Steps)

Steps is a unique retirement program that will help you identify, take action on and achieve your retirement savings goal. Steps allows you to use your personal information to create a realistic retirement goal. You can include your spouse’s information and any savings outside of your Manulife group plan when you are determining your goal.


Check out the three easy steps of the Steps program

  • Step 1 – Where do I want to be? Determine how much annual retirement income you need.
  • Step 2 – How do I get there? Create a plan to realize your annual retirement income goal.
  • Step 3 – Am I on track? Discover if you are saving enough to achieve your annual retirement income goal.


How do I use Steps?

  • To set a goal, simply log in to the secure plan member website at
  • Select Plan for Retirement, then Steps Retirement Program® and you’re on your way.

Review your fund selection in the Seafarers’ Pension Plan

If you have carefully selected your investment options, you are not required to take action. However, we encourage you to take time to read the information below as this can help you get the most out of the investment options offered to you as a plan member.

Do you know where your money is invested?

When you joined the plan, you were asked to select where to invest your pension assets. Some of you, may have never completed this step, and for some of you, your selection may have changed when the plan moved to Manulife, as your assets were transferred to less volatile funds. We recommend that you review your investments on a regular basis to ensure they are still meeting your retirement objectives and your risk tolerance.

It’s important to consider taking an active role and to personally choose your investment funds because:

  • Everyone has different reasons and objectives when saving for retirement.
  • Everyone has different levels of investment knowledge.
  • Some may be willing to take risks while others don’t want any risk.

For a complete list of investment options available and the latest rates of return, sign into your account at

How do you review or change your investment selection?

Step 1

Sign into your account at using your email address and password.

Note: If you haven’t registered for to access your account online, you will need to click Register Now and provide your Customer Number and the last three digits of your Social Insurance Number to complete your registration. Your Customer Number can be found on your last statement.

Step 2

Review your current investment instructions. Under My Investments, select View my investment instructions. You will see how your contributions are being invested.

Step 3

Determine your investor style. Under My Investments, select My Investor Strategy Worksheet and follow the instructions to gain a better idea of your investor style and whether you are investing accordingly.

Step 4

To change your instructions for your future contributions. Under My Investments select Change My Investment Instructions and follow the steps.

Step 5

Transfer your current savings. Once you’ve chosen your new investment instructions for your future contributions, you will still need to transfer your current savings to your new investments. To transfer your savings, under My Investments select Transfer Between Investments and follow the steps.

Have you named a beneficiary for your retirement plan yet?

Adding a beneficiary for your retirement plan

You work hard for what you have. In the event of your death, you likely want your savings to be paid to the person(s) of your choice. Naming a beneficiary for your retirement plan can help ensure that your savings will be paid to the person you’ve selected.

If you have a registered pension plan, legislation requires that your spouse or common law spouse or partner receive some or all of the benefits following your death, unless they have signed a waiver.

It’s a good idea to review your beneficiaries regularly to ensure they continue to reflect your wishes, especially as you approach life events such as marriage or childbirth. You can find the names of your designated beneficiaries in your online member account or on your member statement.

Don’t delay. Designate or update your beneficiary today. Go to and Sign in to your account. Under “My Profile” tab, click on “View My Member Information” and then on Update under the Beneficiary information section.

Manulife’s Webinar Series

Manulife's Webinar Series

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Now you and your family can get easy access to money tips and ideas by watching our webinars, when and where it’s convenient for you.


Manulife’s webinar series

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If you require further assistance or have questions about your account, contact Manulife’s Customer Service Centre at:

1-888-727-7766, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Email Manulife at

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