SIU Canada Statement on Labour Day 2023

September 4, 2023

The SIU Canada would like to wish a happy Labour Day to SIU Members and Unionized workers around the country. This year has been a historic year for the labour movement, with large-scale demonstrations of workers fighting for better wages and conditions nation-wide. We saw the single largest strike in Canadian history from our Brothers and Sisters with PSAC demanding fair wages from the Government of Canada, we saw teachers in the province of Ontario striking for better conditions, and we saw the power of unionization within our own ranks, with many units being able to secure improved contracts through the power of collective bargaining and a unified membership.

The SIU Canada is excited to see what the future of the labour movement holds in Canada, and we look forward to helping to continue to push for greater workers’ rights across the country. Happy Labour Day to all and let’s continue the fight.

We are stronger together!

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