SIU Contact Information During COVID-19

  Members, Please see below for important SIU contact numbers to take note of during the COVID-19 pandemic. While our offices may be closed, the SIU will continue to serve you and will continue working hard, as we always have.  

For regular registration and shipping, please call the main hall number where you are registered:

Thorold: 905-227-0050 Montreal: 514-931-7859, ext. 1 Quebec: 418-529-6801 Vancouver: 604 687-6699  

For General inquiries please call:


Josh Sanders: 905-227-3572 Greg Wells: 905-227-9174 Bill Wells: 905-227-9416 Paul MacDonald: 905-227-0893 Alex Morris: 289-668-1991  


Charles Aubry: 514-931-8285 Anthony Cote: 514-989-0452  


Philippe Marchand: 418-525-0643  


Paul MacDonald: 905-227-0893  

For all Ships Delegates, please call the area Vice Presidents:

Josh Sanders: 905-227-3572 Charles Aubry: 514-931-8285  

To check on the status of your dues:

Marie-Josee Sinclair: 514-931-8153 Nadia Pecoraro: 514-931-7240  

For the SIU Medical Plan:

514-931-7859 Ext 227  

You can also see here for all relevant email addresses:

Montreal: Thorold: Quebec: Vancouver: General:
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