SIU of Canada Statement on the Results of the 2021 Federal Election

SOURCE: Seafarers’ International Union of Canada

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September 21, 2021 – The Seafarers’ International Union of Canada (SIU) is pleased to see Canadians exercise their right to vote in re-electing the Liberal Party of Canada to once again form government with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leading the country. The Union looks forward to continuing to work with the Government of Canada to advance the interests of Canada’s dedicated, hardworking seafarers who are the backbone of Canada’s supply chain and will continue to play a major role in Canada’s post-pandemic recovery.

While the Union does not agree with every decision that the previous Liberal government made, we hope to continue working with government to ensure the stability of Canada’s marine sector and see gains to the labour movement in Canada. Other parties posed a significant threat to the Canadian shipping industry, with Canadian Cabotage law and the Coasting Trade Act in jeopardy. However, in recent years, the Liberal Party has been a strong supporter of Canadian seafarers and we hope this trend continues. The Coasting Trade Act is an example for countries around the world who wish to protect their domestic fleet, and we are pleased that many of those who have supported and defended this piece of legislation were elected to parliament.

“We must continue to push forward to advance the interests of all Canadian seafarers and members of the SIU of Canada with this newly elected government,” stated Jim Given, President of the SIU of Canada.

“History has shown that the Liberal Party has been an ally to Canada’s seafarers, and we must work hard to make sure that continues.”

While we believe this Liberal Government will support the Canadian marine sector, we must continue to hold their feet to the flames to ensure the interests of our members are top of mind when policy discussions will impact our sector. Canadian seafarers are often overlooked and forgotten by those in power, as the Canadian marine sector is a ghost industry with very little exposure. However, our members contributions to communities across the country, particularly during the pandemic, have been crucial to getting through the COVID-19 crisis. SIU of Canada members continue to serve communities across the country, transporting 90% of the goods and raw materials that Canadians use every day.

The SIU of Canada hopes to see further gains in protecting the rights of workers and ensuring that those in historically oppressed groups are treated equally and fairly in the workplace. We look forward to continuing to work with the Government of Canada to see continued gains for the Canadian marine sector, members of the SIU of Canada and seafarers across the country.


About the SIU of Canada: The Seafarers’ International Union of Canada (SIU) has been representing the majority of Canadian seafarers working aboard vessels on the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, East Coast, and West Coast since 1954. SIU members have acquired the reputation of being amongst the best-trained and most qualified sailors in the world. The SIU represents thousands of qualified seafarers across Canada.


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