SIU COVID Update: July 14, 2020


Brothers and Sisters,

We are pleased to announce the first phase in the reopening plan of the SIU Union Halls, effective as of July 15, 2020. While some of you may have been hoping to return to the Union Halls to see the SIU staff, and connect with your fellow Members, the reality is that given the current situation and the severity of the pandemic, going back to business-as-usual is not an option and we aim to continue to keep all of our Members and our staff as safe as possible.

As of July 15th, as stated in our previous update, Members will be able to make an appointment to see an SIU official in a Union hall, should they feel the need to do so. Only one Member will be allowed into a Union hall at any given time, and the Member must take all precautions as outlined in the SIU Reopening Plan. Posters outlining the SIU guidelines will be located on the entrances to the Union halls as a reminder. These precautions include being subjected to a temperature check, wearing personal protective equipment, and being asked basic questions regarding travel history and general health. There will be no sharing of pens, pencils or other office supplies and Members will be asked not to use washroom facilities located in the halls.

Members can rest assured that all surfaces in the halls will be cleaned upon any Members exit from the hall.

SIU Union halls will continue to ship Members according to the National Shipping Rules weekend and holiday shipping procedures until further notice. When we are ready to reopen further aspects of our Union halls, we will notify all Members via our social networks, email and on our website.

Thank you for your continued understanding as we adapt to the new reality that we find ourselves in.


SIU of Canada

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